Noah: Year 3

I’ve become one of those people that fill facebook (and my instagram stories) with photos of their children. Sorry, I can’t help it, he’s just such a little dude! For the first and second years of Noah’s life, I took a photo of him every single day. This year, I decided to just pick up my camera (or iphone) when something interesting was happening. Turns out that was nearly every day.

I hear many wedding photographers say they don’t have the enthusiasm get their camera’s out for family life. It’s important to live in the moment and I make sure I don’t miss out by hiding behind the viewfinder for all the fun. But for me, I see everything as a photo, and have a strong desire to document Noah’s journey. It’s going far to quickly already 🙁

Check out my annual Noah slideshow below. If you are interested in one of my documentary portrait sessions, please do get in touch.




  1. Lee 2 years ago

    This is awesome Adam! All that hard work will pay off in years to come! Great dance moves!!

  2. Lyndsey 2 years ago

    Adam this is amazing! What a brilliant little character he is. Just love it.

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